Aerial Arts Silks

Silks and Hammocks

We are excited to announce a new program coming to Performance Dance Centre, AERIAL ARTS!!! Classes for YOUTH begin at 6 yrs through ADULTS levels!! Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels are offered.

Aerial classes offered are Silks, Hammocks, and Lyra!

Aerial silk classes are one of the best mind-body activities. If you’re looking for a new challenge or an out-of-the-box workout routine. Aerial silks are more than just a fun activity with poses that look beautiful on camera. Silks provide a range of health benefits that target your physical strength, figure, and mood. It helps increase flexibility, gain muscle, helps increase focus, and great stress relief!

Aerialist performer/ Instructor Courtney McCutcheon will be teaching Beginning, Intermediate, and Open level classes in Aerial Arts for Youth and Adults! Courtney is a renowned performer and expert instructor. Born and raised in Columbus, Courtney spent the majority of her childhood as a gymnast and made the switch to learning Aerial Silks while she was in high school. She has 12 years of experience training on silks and 8 years of experience teaching many different aerial arts and fitness classes


Register Day Time AgeDaysTimes
RegisterAERIAL ARTS SILKS Ages 9-14 yrs oldFri4:40pm-5:40pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Intermediate Silks ) Ages 18 +Fri5:45pm-6:45pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS – Intermediate LYRA Ages 12 +Fri7:00pm-8:00pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Lyra) Ages 13 +Sat10:15am-11:15am
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Silks) 18 +Sat11:30am-12:30pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Open Session * ALL Levels )Sat12:45pm-1:45pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Lyra ) Ages 6-12 yrs oldSat9:00am-10:00am
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Intermediate Silks ) Ages 14- 18 yrs oldThu7:30pm-8:30pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Beginner Silks ) Ages 9-12 yrs oldWed5:15pm-6:15pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Beginner Silks ) Ages 13-18 yrs oldWed6:30pm-7:30pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( OPEN Session – ALL Levels )Wed7:45pm-9:00pm
RegisterAERIAL ARTS ( Beginner Silks ) Ages 6-8 yrs oldWed4:00pm-5:00pm


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