Hip Hop is high energy street movement as seen in tv shows and music videos by artists such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Usher but also many dance shows such as Shake It Up and SYTYCD. Hip Hop builds rhythm, and coordination.Hip-Hop has a variety of styles, from breakdancing, pop-n-lock, to krumping. Performance Dance offers a fun class called “D-BOYZ of PDC” A Hip-Hop class that is specifically geared for boys only and really lets the guys show their stuff! We also have amazing hip hop classes for girls starting at age 5 yrolds all thru Adults. Hip Hop Classes at Performance Dance Centre have been proven to build self confidence in children! Free style dance moves are a big part of hip hop and all classes dance to today’s hottest new artists.  Learn all the new moves in a relaxed atmosphere.

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